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Sean Monteiro Announces His Candidacy for House of Delegates in Virginia’s 96th House District


Sean Monteiro Announces His Candidacy for House of Delegates in Virginia’s 96th House District

Virginia Beach, VA, Release: February 25, 2023. For Immediate Release

It is with great enthusiasm that Colonel Sean Monteiro (Ret.) announces his candidacy in the Democratic Primary for District 96th of the House of Delegates. 

This is the first election under Virginia’s new maps. The 96th district makes up parts of the old District 21, 84, and 85 and includes the following precincts: Holland (29), Brandon (42), Bellamy (43), Centerville (44), Timberlake (45), Green Run (46), Glenwood (58), Rosemont Forest (64), Colonial (65), Round Hill (71), Dahlia (73), Buckner (74), Indian Lakes (78), Chimney Hill (80), Rock Lake (81), Lake Christopher (89), Indian River (97), and Salem Woods (99).

Sean Monteiro is a highly decorated, proven leader in his community and in the line of duty. While in the Air Force he commanded troops in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sean knows it takes vision and clear leadership to achieve results. He was an early supporter of progressive reforms including the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and continuously advocated for increasing the quality of life of our active duty families and individuals. Sean’s commitment to public service extends outside of active duty. He serves on the Criminal Justice Committee for the Virginia State Conference of the NAACP as well as chaired the Virginia Beach Citizens Review Panel Task Force. 

Sean’s commitment to the community, both personally and professionally, has prepared him to step up to run for House of Delegates in District 96. He isn’t waiting to get to work, he’s been on the ground talking to voters working to build a winning coalition that will deliver real results for Virginia Beach families.

“As an Air Force fighter pilot and commanding officer who served 25 years, I know that it takes integrity, tenacity, and servant leadership to lead teams to mission success. These are the same characteristics it’ll take to bring change in Richmond. I’m committed to fighting for reproductive justice, civil liberties, a clean environment, and energy equity. I recognize the unique challenges we face in Virginia Beach and will work across the aisle in good faith to find common ground and move forward together. I am running for House of Delegates to put Richmond to work for the people.”

The Democratic primary is held on June 20, 2023. Early voting will begin 45 days before the election, official date pending release. Learn more about Sean Monteiro and his campaign by visiting Check your district by using

Contact info:

Name: Nikia Miller, Director of Communications, Sean Monteiro for Virginia

Address: 1225 Kempsville Rd #65585 | Virginia Beach, VA 23467

Phone: 757-219-2802


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